Doina Botez

Doina Botez was born in Bucharest, Romania. She obtained her MFA in 1975 from the “Nicolae Grigorescu” School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, where she had been awarded the “Ion Andreescu” prestigious merit scholarship. While still in school, Doina Botez, began showing her works as a painter and graphic artist and started taking an interest in book illustration, especially children’s books. » More about Doina Botez

Neil Wolf

Quite often, true self-taught artists do not even realize they are self-taught, or even call themselves artists. Jean Dubuffet, a darling of the so-called "Outside Art", once said, "Art is at its best when it forgets its name." » More about Neil Wolf

Mircea Popescu

Mircea Popescu is a visual artist and an educator. For over a decade now he has been adjunct associate professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia and at Mercer Community College in New Jersey, where he teaches design. Raised and educated in Romania, Popescu obtained his visual arts degree from the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest. His artistic activity » More about Mircea Popescu

Emil Baumann

Emil Baumann delights the viewer with abstract compositions that either burst with vivid colors or sooth the eye with subdued tones and structured images. » More about Emil Baumann

David Slovic

David Slovic received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Cornell University, a Masters of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, a Loeb Fellowship from Harvard University, was awarded the Paul Phillip Cret Gold Medal in Design and was a founding partner of Friday Architects/Planners. » More about David Slovic

Patriciu Mateescu

Patriciu Mateescu is a Romanian-born American ceramic sculptor. He holds an MFA in sculpture from the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania. His art spans over sixty years and two continents. His European and American trajectory as an artist is illustrative of the artistic currents, methods, movements, as well as formal and intellectual concerns of ceramics during this time. » More about Patriciu Mateescu

Ariana Ailincai



Str. Clinicilor 28, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Tel: +40.264.590069;  email: ailincai@




1992   Visual Arts Teaching Certificate. University of Toronto, Canada

1971   MFA, University of Arts & Design. Cluj-Napoca, Romania

1969   BFA, University of Arts & Design. Cluj-Napoca, Romania




1994   Prix Pierre Legaut. National Biennial of Ceramics, Trois Rivieres, Canada » More about Ariana Ailincai

Raluca Ungureanu

Romanian artist, Raluca Ungureanu (b. 1975), studied at the Fine Art Academy of Bucharest where she got her PhD in Fine Arts in 1999 and later studied Landscape Design at the LD Academy. During her studies she started collaborating with contemporary artists and organizing exhibitions as social movements in a post-communist Europe, eager to learn and experience the new comers. She was well received in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Denmark and UK. She received numerous scholarships and distinctions. » More about Raluca Ungureanu

Roman Cotosman

Romanian born American artist, Roman Cotosman (1935 - 2006), came on the Romanian art scene in the 1960s and was one of the few artists at that time who challenged the all dominant Socialist Realism concept and method imposed on the cultures of the Eastern European bloc, imprisoned not only geopolitically but culturally, too. Cotosman's desire to break free from the servitude of representation and bring his art, and Romanian art, into synchrony with the rest of Europe led him towards Abstraction, of the constructivist kind. » More about Roman Cotosman

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