The Gallery

ART ON THE AVENUE GALLERY at Lancaster Avenue and 38th Street (L38) in Philadelphia exhibits local and international contemporary artists and organizes material culture exhibits of ethnographic and artistic interest, bringing to life for the Philadelphia viewer the beauty of cultures so far apart geographically, yet sharing features of design, motives, and amazing combination of beauty and functionality. From solo and group shows of accomplished and acknowledged Philadelphia painters, photographers and ceramists to undeclared, yet talented and prolific, local artists showing their works for the first time, ART ON THE AVENUE GALLERY has housed well curated shows, which attracted a wide audience from the neighborhood, the city and beyond. By now the gallery has secured a place on the rich map of art venues in Philadelphia.
In 2012, the focus of the Gallery will be international. A succession of three shows, April through September, will feature three East European artists, who lived or currently live in the United States or Canada. For inquiries about the gallery, upcoming shows, submission of work for 2013 exhibits, please email