Living in the Transit Lounge

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Art on the Avenue Gallery, Philadelphia, has the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition LIVING IN THE TRANSIT LOUNGE, signed by Raluca Ungureanu. This is the artist's second exhibition at the gallery. Her first show, DistURBIA (2012), curated with Viorel and Mihaela Farcas, marked the beginning of a fruitful artistic collaboration.

Living in the Transit Lounge or How Many Me – Alternative Identities

As multimedia artist and landscape architect, with a PhD in Visual Arts, Raluca Ungureanu is preoccupied with art as both object and subject, with the relation of the artwork to its surrounding space and the ever-changing contemporary artistic field, with its reinvention of consecrated and/or primordial forms and the crises inherent in the process of creating art.

Raluca Ungureanu's art explores issues of identity, roots and rootlessness, isolation, alienation and reinvention, obligatory for the survival of the members of her "nomad" generation. The embodied self and its multiplicity of states as a function of specific time and space, underlie her concept of reality, which she does not attempt to represent but rather summon up or make present what is missing and what is being missed in ordinary experience.

"In this new body of work dichotomies such as body and soul, time and space clash, overlap, merge or are absorbed into each other, through a process of compression and condensation similar to dream work. While I often use the self-portrait to express a certain feeling or subjective state, I always attempt to relate that particular state to what surrounds me and to states other people experience. I am a story-teller, shape and color are the words of my language, which needs no translation. If I were to describe my work in three words, they would be sensuous, provocative and deeply personal."

Raluca Ungureanu (b.1975 in Romania) lives in London and works in London, New York and Philadelphia. She is a sculptor who also uses drawing, painting and installation,a professional landscape designer (Raluca Gavrilescu,, and she holds a PhD in Visual Arts (2014). Since 1996 she has been very active on the Romanian and European art scene, obtaining prestigious scholarships and grants such as: the UNESCO Scholarship at the Academia Nacional de BellasArtes de Lisboa (Portugal), MEN Scholarship Grant at theRoyal Danish Academy of Copenhagen (Denmark), MEN Scholarship Grant of Akademie der bildendenkunste Wien, Vienna (Austria), an art fellowship in Berlin, the Young Artists' First Prize from the Association of Romanian Artists, among others. She has had numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Romania, other European countries and the North American continent. Her installations can be found as urban interventions in several European cities and her works exist in public and private collections in Romania, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, UK and USA – New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Princeton.