Angela Klaerner Clark and Jimmy Clark

Art on the Avenue Gallery is proud to present an exhibition by ceramic artists Angela Klaerner Clark and Jimmy Clark, running November 9th through December 8th. The gallery is located at 3808 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104. The Opening reception will be held Friday, November 9, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Thereafter the exhibition will be open on Saturdays & Sundays from 12 to 5 PM or by appointment, (call 267-934-0593). For further information please visit


Angela and Jimmy Clark have known each other for over thirty years; have exhibited together for twelve, and married for eight, yet their approach to ceramics couldn’t be more dissimilar.


Angela works with porcelain, the purest of clays, lily white, with few impurities to remind us of its earthly origins. She is fascinated with its translucence, which can only be obtained by firing the material to extremely high temperatures. Her thrown forms are inspired by famous traditional European porcelain manufacturers, including Meissen and KPM. She often combines these forms with a honey-combed industrial porcelaneous material, which she carves into geometric patterns.


Jimmy’s work is almost exclusively pinched, which is to say he forms each piece out of a single lump of clay, one of the earliest methods used to make pottery. He coats most of them with terra sigilatte, a shiny slip dating back to the ancient Greeks and fires them in a sawdust or pit-fire, which blackens them in unpredictable ways. His inspiration is ancient pottery of all kinds.


Despite this difference of approaches, the couple has enjoyed collaborating on numerous installations, and exhibited together many times. The contrasting styles provide a yin to the other’s yang.


Angela holds a Master’s degree from the School of Applied Arts in Heiligendamm Germany. She has been practicing as a free-lance artist since 1978. She is a founding member of “Mythos”, later renamed “Ortswechsel” (change of place), an international artists group, who created sight specific installations throughout central Europe. She has exhibited widely in Germany and around the world including: Israel, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, and Hungary.


Jimmy Clark was Executive Director of the Clay Studio in Philadelphia for over 16 years. He is a widely recognized ceramic artist and has written, and been featured in numerous articles in Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, and American Craft as well as many publications abroad. He has exhibited and taught workshops all over the world including: China, Germany, Curacao, Switzerland, Canada, Puerto Rico, Anguilla and, of course, throughout the US. He is represented by the Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia.